The goal and the sole purpose of every country are to attain peace and harmony among the people and also to uplift the communities and the population of the country. Such steps can only be achieved by accessing the right way to the peace and development of the country. It is also regarded as an essential part of maintaining harmony in the country and achieving sustainable victory. When developing make sure you have the correct metal letters that are set to last forever.

However, when we talk of Justice in Africa, there are linkages and hindrances between the two. The meaning and the reality of Justice and the importance of the sustainable peace and development from the African perspective can only be explained in the right items by Lady Justice Sophia Akuffo and the Lady Justice and the Chief Justice of Ghana- Irene Mambilina.

In this article, we have briefed their talk on the topics mentioned above. Stay till the end of the article to find out more about the Africans perspectives on the importance of sustainable peace and development and Justice in a country.

Executive summary

According to the two renowned speakers of the African community, Justice, peace, development and reconciliation are the pillars to the anodes to impunity.  They also dictated these terms as the conditions where all the influential individuals as well as the institutions without the fear of recrimination and reproach.

Justice, development and peace can only thrive and survive in those countries and government where the people are genuine about their democratic values, cultures and traditions. Africa is a country that has significantly contributed to the global norms and ideals with international practices. The country has also witnessed effects in the national, regional in the continental structures to monitor and implement the pillars of Justice.

Executive summary

The importance of Justice

The speakers also summarized that the fight for Justice and reconciliation for the people of Africa is essential to uplift their community and raise a voice against the local practices happening both in the region and to the community. They also stated that they’re all a part of the harmful effects of the prevailing conflict and intolerance in the African region.

In recent years, the spread of democratic values in Africa has led to deepening and strengthing the values in the spread of values and the promotion of the culture of constitutionalism.

Over the years, Africa has managed to progress in terms of building the democratic institutions in the region; it has paved the way to the prevalence of impunity and underscores Justice and reconciliation in the country. These factors have also hinged he judicious balance between the objectives of the country.



Justice and reconciliation with the past and history of the African community are essential in the peace, development and maintaining harmony within Africa and also for maintaining the relationship between international nations.