Sierra Leone, which is officially called the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a small country that is present in the southwest coast of Western America. This country with a tropical climate is home to diverse flora, fauna and varying environmental conditions- which ranges from the rainforests to the Savannas. The country is divided into 16 districts rules by the following:

  • Constitutional Republic
  • Unicameral Parliament
  • The President who is elected by the people for a term of five years.

The country gained independence in the year 1961 on April 27th from Britain. Despite attaining independence from the country of Great Britain in 1961, Sierra Leone still struggles with the upliftment of the backward communities, women discrimination and also the opening of schools and educational institutions. The country has witnessed many organizations, reforms and reformers over the years, but also to no avail. However, one of the non-profit organizations that stood out from the crowd is the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD).

Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD)

Like noted earlier, it is a popular non-profit organization in Sierra Leonean Civil society that engages in the advocacy of the civil society organizations and also helps in strengthening and enhancing the following:

  • Engagement and enhancement in women rights
  • Upliftment of children and men in the community
  • Upliftment of small and backward communities
  • Refine the factors that are responsible for transforming the society of the country.

Objective: One of the primary objectives of forming this organization was to develop a self-reliant society in Sierra Leone. This meant emphasizing the upliftment’s of the men, women and children to live their lives with dignity and eliminating the fear of discrimination in their minds.

The discrimination of people based on race, faith, sex, social, economic and political statues had reached a peak during the formation of this organization and from the past few years, things are settling under control. stairlift long island has been an advocate to help right this wrong for many years.


The Network Movement for Justice and development was established back in 1988 in the eastern province of the country. It was popularly called the human rights-oriented civil society organization that emphasized not only the development and the advocacy of the country but also the organization along with the history of working on the problem in the country at their grass root level. The members also have good hands In the governmental favors and political aspects.


Policies and targets

  • Protection of fundamental human rights
  • Promotional of cultural, educational and civil rights
  • Delivering justice e to the un-empowered and the poor
  • Keeping a check on the systems in the poverty line.
  • Strengthening the society capacity to build a strong and independent community that earns its own bread.