Social justice is a fuzzword in political theory. It means equal access to food, security, and opportunity for all. Around 1.89 billion people in this world are living under the poverty line. Poverty liquidation was one of the main priorities of Millennium Development Goals 2015, and it got achieved.  Now they are in dire need of empowerment. But empowering is not just about financial well-being. Social, physical, and mental marks the wellness of a society. Legal empowerment is the uplifting of the marginalized by enabling them to use the laws for escaping their social inequalities. It pushes the poor to use their rights as equal citizens to grow in their social standing in politics, business, labour, and property rights. As the vulnerable and marginalized communities are intricate, their problems also face particular challenges in overcoming them.


Democracy plays a significant role in establishing an equitable flow of money. The government is accountable for its governance. Taxpayers ought to make the government responsible for their lack of proper service. But the bureaucratic system is so corrupt and inadequate that they do not give any genuine solution.


Lack of Education

Lack of education makes the poor unaware of their rights. When people do not have proper knowledge about constitutional privileges that they can access, it makes the empowerment even more difficult. Most of the marginalized community do not have any formal certification and hence lacks proper access to education.

Lack of Access

The digital gap is vast around the world. The world might be turning online, but half the population is still offline. The living standards of the poor males it difficult for them to spend on the internet. Numerous government applications are turning into an online application, which is impossible for the marginalized. Lack of education and misinformation stops them from accessing birthrights. A parent who is not informed about birth registration will jeopardize their children’s formal education.

Bad Policing

The marginalized are the ones living outside the set social standards. Queer people, trans, street dwellers face policing throughout their day. They become culprits in other’s eyes for no fault of their own. The people who are supposed to police the wrong take law into their hands to misuse it.


Gender Inequality

The social stigma behind the birth of a girl child is problematic for a healthy gender ratio. Lack of proper representation in politics, employment, property rights, and even education will affect individual lives.

Informal System of Economy

As the poor have insufficient certification and property rights, they turn to the informal system of loans. Such institutions cannot assist them in the right way. The informal system of the economy is rampant in some countries and can be worrisome as it will make them more vulnerable to misfortune.