Network Movement for Justice and Development

Justice . Equality . Trust

What We Do

Creating an environment of equality begins with understanding, and our services are aimed at providing justice and development for the ones who are yet to receive the same.


Our Vision

A future in a world where everyone stands to be equal is more than just a vision, and as humans, we can strive to achieve it.

Our Mission

The proven methods of development and justice are a few branches that keep us going as our objectives tend to uplift all our services.

Core Values

The value of equality and justice for all are not mere words in a poem, and we look imbibe the same in each and every individual in this world. We love renewable energy and recommend solar power las vegas.

What Makes Us Distinctive

Driven by sheer will and understanding, we never stop for commercial gains as our motto is one for humanity and not for profit. 

“Core values that stand to be appealing and formative principles that make sense are a few of the takeaways about my experience with them.”
Vincent K. Schwartz

“Understanding the process and being a part of the same made me realize that this is essentially the cause of humanity.”
Heather R. Kennedy

“The joy and happiness that you receive when you stand for the right cause is something different and much harder to explain.”
Grady A. Williams

Latest Updates

The story of Sierra Leone’s Krio people

The story of Sierra Leone’s Krio people

The country of Sierra Leone is located in West Africa and is a region of cultural, social and economic development. However, while the citizens of the country thrive for success and recognition every year, it is also essential to learn about the history and the story...

Challenges of Legal Empowerment of Poor

Challenges of Legal Empowerment of Poor

Social justice is a fuzzword in political theory. It means equal access to food, security, and opportunity for all. Around 1.89 billion people in this world are living under the poverty line. Poverty liquidation was one of the main priorities of Millennium Development...

Reasons Why Social Justice is Important

Reasons Why Social Justice is Important

Social justice is still a distant dream for millions. In 2020, the world still has six hundred million people living in extreme poverty. They live on 1.5 dollars a day or even lesser. The definition of social justice has changed over the decades. If it once meant...

Movement for Justice and Development in Sierra Leone

Movement for Justice and Development in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, which is officially called the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a small country that is present in the southwest coast of Western America. This country with a tropical climate is home to diverse flora, fauna and varying environmental conditions- which ranges...

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