Our origins

Established in 1988 in eastern Sierra Leone, the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) is a national human rights-oriented civil society development and advocacy organization. NMJD engages government on policy reform matters and has a long history and experience in working with grassroots communities in Sierra Leone. The organization enjoys tremendous respect and legitimacy among a vast number of both local and international partners including national NGOs, the media, government and the donor community. NMJD focuses on empowering people, as well as strengthening its capacity, to build a free, just and democratic Sierra Leone where there is respect for human rights and sustainable development for the benefit of all.

NMJD works in 8 of the 12 administrative districts in Sierra Leone. Our staff is skilled in advocacy, community animation and monitoring of the impact of public services on the poor. Our advocacy work takes place from local to national, regional continental and global levels. We continue to play an important role in organizing and mobilizing CSOs, CBOs and social movements around the country into strong networks and coalitions for effective and creative engagement with strategic stakeholders at all levels. Because of this, NMJD is credited with creating the necessary environment, confidence a nd trust for civil society to work collaboratively with government agencies on issues that affect citizens.


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